Yogyakarta Presidential Palace

E-14_01-ISTANA-YOGYAKARTAITS–Yogyakarta Palace is situated at the center of the city’s busiest part, right at the southern end of JalanAkhmadYani, formerly JalanMalioboro, in the heart of the provincial capital of the Special Territory of Yogyakarta. The palace’s premises are 120 meters above the sea level and cover an area of 43,585 square meters.

The construction of the main building of the palace began in May 1824. The initiator was AnthonieHendriksSmissaert, the 18th Resident (the highest Dutch Residents of Yogyakarta (1823-1825)), who believed that there should be a prestigious, official residence for Dutch Residents.

The architect of the construction, A Payen, was directly appointed by the governor-general of the Dutch East Indies in Batavia (now Jakarta). The architecture was and still is, European, with the exception of the modifications in consideration of the tropical climate.

The completion of the initial construction was delayed because of the outbreak of the Diponegoro War (1825-1830), which the Dutch called the Java War, and was completed in 1832. In June 1867, however, the official residence of the Dutch residence collapsed after an earthquake struck Yogyakarta twice. A new building was constructed and completed in 1869. This building has become the main building of the present Presidential Palace compounds. It is also referred to as Gedung Negara (State Building).

The main function of Yogyakarta Palace or, GedungAgung, is to act as the residence of the President of Republic of Indonesia. Additionally, it functions as the venue for officially welcoming state guests and high dignitaries who come to Yogyakarta and also as the place for them to stay while in this area.

Beginning on 17 August 1991, this palace assumed a new function as the venue for commemorating the Moments of the Proclamation of the Indonesian Independence for the Special territory of Yogyakarta. Since 17 April 1988, the palace has had yet another function, namely as the venue for an afternoon parade held on the 17th of every month. The induction of new Air Force Academy Cadets to the Governor of Yogyakarta and the Yogyakarta Community is held here, and so is the farewell of newly commissioned officers from the same Academy with the Governor and people of Yogyakarta.

To date more than 65 heads of state, heads of Government and foreign dignitaries have visited or stayed in GedungAgung (Grand Building).

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