WR. Supratman

wr-supratmanITS–Born in Jakarta on 9 March 1903 W.R. Supratman (the son of M. Senen Sastrosuharjo, KNIL sergeant), is a National hero. He went to “Nederlandssche Avoncursus”, a night course run by the Dutch in Ujung Pandang. He then continued his studies in  Education before he worked in a Lawyer’s office.

In 1952 he worked for Alpena Broadcasting Agency, Jakarta. Driven by his great concerns over the social injustice surrounding him, W.R. Supratman wrote a book entitled “A Village Girl” which criticized the rudeness of and violations by Landlords at that time.

Nevertheless, W.R. Supratman is more widely known as a composer. All of his compositions were inspired by his spirit to fight against social injustice and fight for independence. Some of his compositions are “Mars Kepanduan Indonesia, “RA Kartini”, “Surya Wirawan”, “Di Timur Matahari” and “Bendera Kita”.

Of all his compositions, “Indonesia Raya” (Indonesia’s National Anthem) is the most monumental one which was heard for the first time on 28 October 1928 at Gedung Kramat Raya 106 Jakarta. WR Supratman passed away on 17 August 1938 and was taken to Surabaya, East Java for his final resting place.

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