Woman Traditional Costume of East Nusatenggara Province

ITS–East Nusatenggara is the home of the Timor, Rote, Sabu, Flores, Sumba, Dawan,Belu, and Helong ethnic groups. The stamp depicts the costume of the women of Sumba.

The women of Sumba wear an extra-long sarong of ikat weaving, which also functions to cover the bosom. The sarong is secured with a sash wound at the waist. A long scarf is placed around the shoulder with both edges hanging down in the front.

Sumba is world-famous for its magnificent ikat weaving. The sarong, in strongly-colored stripes, is decorated with animal, human, and floral motifs and fringed with beads. The stole is sometimes in a contrasting figure with the sarong.

The jewelry includes a tall tortoise-shell comb decorated with cooked, deer carvings, and bead necklaces with gold, omega-shaped pendants, gold earrings, and huge ivory bracelets.

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