Tiger Orchid (Vanda Tricolor)

F-20-1-VANDA-TRICOLORITS–This fascinating ornamental orchid is very familiar to the people in its native habitat on the islands Java and Bali.

This plant is commonly cultivated by florists in Indonesia. People call this orchid “anggrek pandan” or “anggrek macan” (“tiger orchid”). The Vanda Orchid’s botanical name is Vanda Tricolor, and it belongs to the orchid family, Orchidaceae.

This epiphytic orchid has an erect cylindrical stem and can reach a height of 1-2 metres. Sometimes the stem also has branches. The green leaves are shaped like small ribbons, 25-45 cm long and about 4 cm in diameter. It has no petiole; the leaves hang densely on the stem sheet by sheet. The tips of the leaves are cracked and divided into two branches with different lengths. The stalk of the flower can reach a length of 20-30 cm and contains 7-12 flowers. The flowers are fragrant andmeasure 7-8 cm long. The sepals and petals are white and oval with many brown or purple spots. The purple lip has cracks, triangular in shape, with purple stripes in the central part. The color of the flower may vary according to the different environments. The flower emerges every year and endures blooms for about 25 days. The fruit is elliptical, about 15 cm long.

Naturally the orchid is found hanging in the shade of trees at an altitude of 700-1,500 meters. The Vanda Orchid is commonly used as an ornamental plant and is easy to cultivate by seeding and cloning.

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