The Legend of Buleleng

E-117-BULELENG_3ITS–A long time ago, in Klungkung, Bali, there was a king named Raja Sri Sagening who had many wives. His last wife was Ni Luh Pasek, originally from Desa Panji and the daughter of Pasek Gobleg. Ni Luh Pasek married Kyai Jelantik Bogol and they had a son named,I Gusti Gede Pasekan.

I Gusti Pasekan was very influential in the city of Gelgel. At the age of 20, he was ordered by his father to go to Desa Bukit, the birth place of his mother. His father gave him two weapons, a traditional knife (keris) and a sparrow, which accompanied him.

On night of his trip, he was lifted up to the shoulder of a hermit, and he could see sea and land. The hermit said that the view he saw, would be his.

One day, a Bugis shiplay on the beach of Panimbanganwas stuck. The leader of the ship asked for help from I Gusti Pasekan to release his ship. He promised to give all they had if he could help them. With the help of the hermit, I Gusti Pasekan succeeded in releasing the ship.

I Gusti Pasekanbecame a rich man renamed himselfI Gusti Panji Sakti. He developed a kingdom in Desa Bukit, in the middle of 17th century. The capital was Sukarasa. In this area, there were many Bulelengtrees, and thus took the name Buleleng Kingdom. There was a beautiful palace named Singaraja, which means , king’s visit.

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