Sangkuriang Folktale

E-111-SANKURIANG-3ITS–This legend tells us about a child who fell in love with his mother (Oedipus complex) and the creation of Mount Tangkubahan Perahu in West Java. The tale goes as follows. Once upon a time, a woman named Dayang Sumbi lost her weaving tool. She sadly announced that: “Whoever finds my weaving tool and returns it to me, I shall make him my husband.”  Unexpectedly, the tool was found by Situmang, a dog that lived with her.

As she had to fulfil her promise, she took Situmang as her husband. Their marriage gave them a child named Sangkuriang. However, having known that Dayang Sumbi married a dog, the villagers chased her away to the forest and they took care of her child.

When Sangkuriang grew up, he went hunting in the forest. While hunting he met a beautiful girl and fell in love with her. The beautiful woman was actually Dayang Sumbi, his mother. One day Dayang Sumbi saw a mark on Sangkuriang’s head that she recognized and realized that he was her own child. Realizing this, Dayang Sumbi refused Sangkuriang’s proposal to marry her.  Since Sangkuriang insisted on marrying her, Dayang Sumbi decided to accept it on condition that Sangkuriang had to be able to make a boat in night.

At 3 o’clock in the morning, Dayang Sumbi saw that the boat was almost finished. Worried by this, she used Boeh Larang, a skill that fanned a cock with a white cloth to make it crow. When Sangkuriang heard the cock crow, he was very upset because it meant it was already morning and he had not finished the boat. He kicked the boat up side down. All of a sudden the boat grew to what is now known Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

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