(First President of Republic Indonesia)

“This Our country is rich, I mean it. Really rich. Be proud and high-minded! Exploit, work, exploit and work. Out country is the most beautiful (Speech in Semarang, July 29th 1956). “I assert my slogan: let the jasmine, rose, ylang, frangipani and all kind of flower bloom in indonesia garden”
Speech at Independence Day, 1964

(Second President of Republic Indonesia)

“I’ve heard a lot of experts, both botanist and zoologist, admiring Indonesia flora and fauna diversity. Even some of them spent almost all their life to study various animals or plants inhabiting Indonesia forest and sea….”
National Geographic, June 1978

BJ. Habibie
(Third President of Republic Indonesia)

“Indonesia has conducted continuous human resource development. I think the effort needs to intensify further in order to get more masteries in science and technology that we would be able to utilize maximally our rich natural resource for nation building”
Kompas.com, July 29th, 2014

Abdurahman Wahid
(Fourth President of Republic Indonesia)

“The Indonesian nationalism was born and went through a process reaching its maturity in this archipelago long before the independence was proclaimed. The process of the birth of the nationalism had started since our founding fathers formed a political community, which vehemently denied the presence of other nations colonizing the Indonesian people and territory. It is this ever-growing internalization process that has in turn formed our collective awareness as a nation. It is therefore proven from this starting point that nationalism is not formed and born naturally, but is a product of a social and intellectual development of a society in a given course of its history”.
State Adress of the President of the Republic of Indonesia 16 August 2000.

Megawati Soekarno Puteri
(Fifth President of Republic Indonesia)

“Our great life of nationhood and statehood is standing over an extraordinary diversity. Our existence as a nation in a unitary state depends very much on our capability to maintain this diversity, and therefore respects differences that are contained therein. The regional autonomy that we want to strengthen, the democratic life that we want to continue develop, the ideals of respect of human rights that we want to establish as well as the freedom of expression that we want to promote, all must be able to streng then the life of our nationhood and statehood, and not the other way around”
Speech at the Annual Session of the People’s Consultative Assembly, August 1st 2002

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
(Sixth President of Republic Indonesia)

“Indonesia believes that with a strong commitment to peaceful settlement of disputes; abiding respect for norms and principles that govern inter-state relations; and respect for universal democratic values, an alternative vision of a world at peace and in prosperity—a peaceful world—is attainable. A world that draws lessons learned that the use of force and of armed violence cannot promise sustainable peace. A world that places primacy on dialogue, soft-power and persuasion. And a world that rejects the use of coercion, misuse of hard-power and unilateral actions. Such a world will provide us with more security assurance that allows us to pursue our economic and social progress”
Keynote Speech at The Second Leaders Pacific Islands Development Forum, June 19th 2014