President of The Republic of Indonesia

As I commence my tenure as the seventh President of the Republic of Indonesia in October 2014, I am immensely delighted to welcome the publication of this book, entitled “Indonesia Through Stamps, 1945-2012”.

This book chronicles the history of Indonesia, from her independence in 1945 until becoming today the third largest democracy in the world, as seen from the prisms of postage stamps of the Republic of Indonesia. By the same token, this publication also encapsulates the diverse and rich culture embraced by the fourth most-populous nation of the world. Furthermore, it portrays the abundant natural resources and wide 17.000 islands. In short, this book celebrates the achievements of the Indonesian people from ancient times to modern-day Indonesia, as well as projects future massive potentials of Indonesia.

Consequently, the publication of this book is very timely, as Indonesia now embarks upon a journey with the destination of realizing greater heights of advancement and prosperity for her people. Indonesia shall, hence, undertake fervent development efforts with the entire people, optimize her strategic geographic locations, and contribute better to the international community. In this light, this book serves as a vehicle to transport its readers, from the general public to avid stamp collectors, towards higher appreciation of Indonesian stamps and deeper understanding of Indonesia and her future aspirations. In the same vein, it also functions as a medium to attract foreign interest in Indonesia as a premier tourism destination, as a leading venue for international events, and as a vibrant investment market.

I, therefore, commend the publication of this book and congratulate the parties who have worked tirelessly to produce this highly extensive and valuable book, as from all over the world, to go on board this vessel and sail through these pages and be enchanted by the remarkable land and fascinating people that is Indonesia, as depicted through Indonesian stamps of 1945 to 2012.

I wish you an enjoyable reading.

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Joko Widodo