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Dear Readers,

As the Minister of Tourism, I would like to say “There is nothing such a beautiful country like Indonesia”. Moreover, in terms of its culture, nature and people, “Nothing compares to Indonesia”. Therefore, I highly appreciate the publication of this creative book entitled “Indonesia Trough Stamps” which is also trying to reveal and widely expose the richness of this country through stamps. I am confident that through the medium of stamps readers can better know Indonesia, not only its beautiful nature, unique diverse culture and heritage but also its flora and fauna, as well as its glorious history.

As far as national tourism development is concerned, the performance of 2014 has shown a positive trend with total arrivals of 9,4 million tourist or growing by 7,2%. Such growth is much higher than the world growth which is only 4,7%. Most surprisingly, the performance for December 2014 has shown not only the highest record ever but also has surpassed the psychological figure of 900 thousands visitors, given the fact that it had never been achieved until then within the history. Under the new Presidential Working Cabinet, the President has firmly established the target of international tourist 20 million by 2019. Responding to this challenging target, the Ministry of Tourism has put in place prudent policies and strategies to achieve the target such as revitalizing the branding “Wonderful Indonesia” or “Pesona Indonesia”, pushing free visa for 4 countries of main markets (China, Japan, Korea and Russia) which will be implemented soon, facilitating on Yachts CAIT permit and the implementation of E-Tourism as well as digital marketing comprising Branding, Advertising, and Selling Strategy. In the meantime, new destinations development are still encouraged in stages in terms of attractions, amenities and accessibilities. For 2015, we will focus on Greater Bali, Greater Jakarta and Greater Batam the Top 3 contributors. We are quite optimistic that with these breakthroughs and unusual ways of marketing, we will achieve the target 20 million arrivals by 2019.

Finally, with pride and pleasure I introduce this interesting book to you which contains much information about Indonesia you may need and bring so close to you “Wonderful Indonesia” and “Pesona Indonesia”


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Arief Yahya