Minister for State Owned Enterprises

Reaching the 70th celebration of Indonesia’s independence, I am sure that our Forefathers would be very pleased to see the transformation of our Nation into the 21st century. They would be as grateful as we are today to witness the works we have achieved and shall continue to achieve in building our country that is one of the wealthiest in natural resources, one of the most promising for investment and one of the most potential for growth.

Our Forefathers would see with pride these hundreds of stamps immortalizing the hard work proven by us, the People of Indonesia in surviving head-tall different crisises — political as well as economic— and in consolidating ourselves to become the third largest democracy in the world. Indeed, after almost seven decades. Indonesia continues to grow into unity, peace. stability, prosperity, equality and democracy. All which continues to assure that Indonesia is on the right path in creating welfare for its People.

As Minister, I am very positive that Indonesian State Owned Enterprises have been key in creating value from the country’s natural and human resources. The Ministry of State Owned Enterprises shall continue its role as agent of development through the synergy of its enterprises in order to optimize its contribution in managing Indonesia’s resources for the welfare of the People and the development and growth of the country.

As Minister of State Owned Enterprises. I am also thankful and proud of PERUM PERURI. its Management and its Team for their role in the production of stamps over the years that has made possible the publication of this book, INDONESIA Through Stamps 1945-2012, a book that not only documents the wealth of our Motherland, but in its unique way serves as a historical documentation of Indonesian history in general, which includes the history of our State Owned Enterprises. I believe INDONESIA Through Stamps 1945-2012 will become an invaluable collection for institutions and families that shall be passed down throughout generations, with pride.

Minister of State-Owned Enterprises
Rini M. Soemarno