Minister for Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia

I warmly welcome the publication of this book, entitled “Indonesia Through Stamps”. This book uniquely illustrates the usage of stamps as a media to portray and explain Indonesia’s history, culture, natural richness, development and various international activities.

Efforts such as this publication, is a valuable contribution to share the rich heritage of Indonesia, and the unique culture of her people. Bearing in mind that stamps have been utilized in Indonesia since the 18th century under Dutch rule, since modern day Indonesia, the stamps convey the progression and development of the Indonesian people from different periods of her history.

As a member of the G-20, as the biggest economy in South East Asia, as the country with the largest Muslim population and the third biggest democracy in the world, Indonesia will continue to develop her potential. It is our hope that these developments will be integrated into the next edition of “Indonesia Through Stamps.”

I again congratulate the publication of this book.
Best wishes!

TTD_menlu_retno marsudi_for web
Retno L. P. Marsudi