Long-Finned Bat Fish (Flatax Pinnatus)

ITS–G-71-1-PLATAX-PINATUSThe Long-finned Bat Fish (Flatax pinnatus), or Platax Asli as it is called in Indonesian, has a high dorsal fin which is braced by long anal and pectoral fins.

The Bat Fish has a dark body with a dark red outline along the edges of its body and fins. A white vertical stripe can sometimes be found on the middle part of its body. The Bat Fish moves with grace in the water.

It is highly priced and recommended mostly for long-time hobbyists. They are known to be quick consumers and prefer fresh food such as small shrimp, mosquito larvae and the larvae of other kinds of insects. In order to guarantee a good sound environment for the Bat Fish, aquariums should have plenty of space where the fish can move gracefully without obstruction.

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