Lempah Kuning

2010_5ITS–Refreshing is the perfect word to describe the taste of Lempah Kuning, it is similar to the very popular Sumatran dish of fish soup. The soup is made from mackerel fish with turmeric, chilli, and Asem Java. The texture of this mackerel fish soup makes the food more delicious, without making it too fishy. When young pineapple or mango is added to this fish soup, it is made more refreshing.



1 mackerel fish, cut into pieces

3 spring onions

1 clove of garlic

1 finger turmeric

1 finger galangal

1 piece of lemon grass

3 pieces of curly red chilies

1 small cup tamarind water

2 tomatoes in slices

shrimp paste, sugar, salt and flavorings

pineapple / young mango.


Put all ingredients that are finely ground, add the tamarind water into 1 liter of boiling water until cooked and then enter the fish. After boiling and enter smelled pineapple / young mango. Lempah yellow is ready to serve

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