Larat Orchid (Dendrobium Phalaenopsis)

F-22-2-LARATITS–The Larat Orchid, one of the most beautiful orchids, has been well known to florists for a long time. The Larat Orchid is native to the Larat Island, Tanimbar Islands, and also Papua, Indonesia.

The botanical name of the plant is Dendrobium phalaenopsis, and it belongs to the orchid family, Orchidaceae. The Indonesian people call this orchid “anggrek larat.”

This epiphytic orchid has a long stem, reaching a length of 0.45-100 cm. The leaves are green, shaped like lances with pointed tips, reaching a length of 10-15 cm and 2 cm in diameter. The stalk of the flower is 20-55 cm long, with each stalk containing 6-24 flowers that emerge from the tips of the stem and branches. The flowers are about 8 cm long. The sepals are elliptical, pointed at the tips, and purple with some irregular dark-purple stripes. Its petals are large and cracked at the tips. Its color is also purple with a few irregular dark-purple stripes too. The purple lip has dark-purple stripes and is divided into three parts.

The Larat Orchid can be cultivated by seeding and cloning. The best habitat for this orchid is a warm place at an altitude of 5-700 meters. This kind of orchid produces small flowers if it is planted incool places. This ornamental orchid is also used as a parental source for cross breeding.

Scientific Classification:

Kingdom         : Plantae

Phylum              : Magnoliophyta

Class               : Liliopsida

Sub-class       : Liliidae

Ordo               : Orchidales

Famili              : Orchidaceae

Genus              : Dendrobium phala

Spesies            : Dendrobium phalaenopsi

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