Lake Kelimutu

danau-kelimutuITS–The three lakes of Mount Kelimutu are situated in the5,356.6 hectare crater,between 800 and 1,616 on the island of Flores in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. The lakes are famous because of their different colors which will periodically change

The three lakes were once blue, green, and red. As of 1987, the lakes changed into a dark brown, a skyblue, and reddish brown. In June 1992, six months before Flores was hit by adisastrous tsunami, half of the green lake changed into red for four days.

The lakes are clearfrom mornings through middays, but after that heavy mists descend to cover them.

The lakes are said to have been first discovered by French geologists Le Roux and Van Schutelen in 1915. Yet the claim is denied by the locals who say they have long since adored them as a sacred place. The government decreed it a conservation area on February 29, 1991.

The Lio tribe, who lives around the area, believe in a legend which says Kelimutu is a place of the dead. The blue lake (Tiwa Ata Moupu) is the residence of the spirits of the old; the green lake (TiwuNuaMuriKooh Fai) is for the spirits of the youth; and the red lake (Tiwu Ata Polo) is for the spirits of those who are dead because of black magic.

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