Ile Mauraja Folktale

A-004-2-cera-mauraja-3ITS–This story is folktale of East Nusa Tenggara. As the story goes, a long time ago there was a man called Raja. He was a handsome, but firm man. His mother was a traditional sarong weaver. One day he asked her to make him a sarong. She agreed as she knew that she couldn’t avoid anything he asked. She promised to have it ready in 8 days. Unfortunately, after 8 days it was not completed because of a lack of cotton.

One night Raja met an old man in his dream. The man asked Raja to go to the forest before the cock crowed three times. Raja was not allowed to say a word. Before the cock crowed three times, he woke up and went to the forest in silence. Finally, he arrived at a cave. There was a tree and a small river in front of it.

Entering the cave, he heard a voice. He saw an old man who smelled very strange. The old man gave him a handful of cotton seeds to be grown in his village. He also asked Raja to honor his parents. After that, the old man changed himself into a python. Raja ran anxiously and took the seeds with him. In a very short of time they grew, so that Raja’s family could make sarongs quickly. Since then Raja’s family could support themselves.

One day, Raja returned to the forest. There he saw seven girls taking a bath in the river in front of the cave. Then he was told that they were actually daughters of a snake and that the old man was their father. It seemed as if the old man had made Raja blind because he saw the girls as human beings. Raja eventually got married with the youngest girl and he took her to the village. The villagers saw that Raja had gotten married, so they went to search for the python so they could try to kill it. They burnt down Raja’s house with his snake wife inside. Hearing of the event the family of Raja’s wife took revenge. A troop of snakes attacked the village covering it in dirt and earth. The village changed into a mount, now known as Mount Mauraja or Ile Mauraja.

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