Guessing Bridal Costume Style of Kahiyang Ayu

ITS–Discussion on bridal costume style is triggering in social media due to the upcoming wedding party of President’s  daughter Kahiyang Ayu and her fiancé Bobby Affif Nasution. Netizens points to various traditional bridal costumes that possibly would adorn Kahiyang Ayu at her happy blessed day.

The “guessing game” spreads over a little clue conveyed by muslim fashion designer Tuty Adib who is apointed to design Kahiyang Ayu’s wedding dress. Tuty Said that the first daughter will wear bridal costume of classic java style, but she declained to reveal more detailed information and kept the netizens in curiosity.

Some netizen assosiate the so called “classic java” to solo basahan, a traditional bridal costume from central Java, in accordance with the origin of Kahiyang Ayus’s family. Here is a complete describtion of solo basahan as featured in Indonesia postagestamp:

The costumes are unique in that the bride and groom do not wear kebaya and shirts as usual. Instead, they wear a very large batik cloth, often gold-leafed, measuring around 4.5 meters long. The cloth is called kampuh or dodot.

The groom first puts on a pair of trousers made of fine silk, called cinde, usually a family heirloom. Then, the long cloth is wound around his body starting from the waist. Like her husband, before the wrapping of the long cloth is carried out, the bride should also first put on a cinde. It is however not a pair trousers but a long cloth to be wound around her body.

The man carries a kris knife on his left wrist and wears a necklace with a large pendant and a string of jasmine flowers around his neck. The bride also wears a necklace with a large pendant. Different from her fiance, she ties the string of jasmine flowers to her hair and lets them hang over her shoulder.

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