Gadang House

E-34-4-RUMAH-GADANGITS–The Gadang House is the traditional house of the Minangkabau ethnic tribe in West Sumatra Province. The house is built on stilts and looks like a sailboat from a distance, with its roof made of corrugated iron or black sugar-palm fiber.

Inside the house, it is divided into several large rooms, and each large room is in turn divided into several sections, called didieh. The house can be very large, with up to 17 large rooms. Close to the ceiling, there is a storage area, named pagu, where the inhabitants store their belongings which are rarely used.

If a house has a veranda, called anjeung, it means that the house has ancestors who were among the founding fathers of the village.

Since the Minangkabau people are a matrilinealsociety, females dominate the house. Each female isprovided with a didieh at childhood, while males leave the house, eat outdoors, and sleep at mosques, soon after they reach puberty.

The females’ domination is, for one, marked by the design of women’s traditional attire. They weara kind of turban which looks like the roof of the Gadang house.

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