Emperor Angelfish (Pomacantus Imperator)

ITS–G-72-1-POMACANTUSThe Emperor Angelfish (Pomacantus imperator), with bright yellow stripes against a blue background, has one of the most striking colour patterns of all angelfish. Its local name “Batman” comes from its unique black “mask” around its eyes.

Emperors, found either in pairs or in solitary, are most often seen near the entrance of caves and ledges of reef areas into which they can hide once they sense danger.

Juvenile emperors have distinctly different features from the adults and were once considered by scientists as a different species,   Juvenile emperors have a series of concentric white rings on their body against a dark blue background. It was found out later however, that the juveniles go through an incredible transformation in colour and pattern once they become adults.

When disturbed, they produce an unusual clicking sound which can be clearly heard underwater. They are found in the reefs of the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Indo-Pacific archipelagos, China, Japan, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia except Hawaii.

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