Dolphin (Lumba-Lumba)

G-79-1-DOLPINITS–Dolphin or Lumba-Lumba as they are locally called, are mammalian water dwellers. Dolphins can be found in the ocean, seas, and in river mouths all over the world, although some are strictly limited to tropical areas. Most are saltwater inhabitants, and only a few species live in fresh water areas. It is estimated that there are 62 species of Dolphins in the world, of which 13 can be found in Indonesia.

Dolphins have a streamlined body with hooked or crescent shaped dorsal fins and long, big shaped snouts. Their bodies are between 1, 2 – 9, 3 meters long and their weight is between 2,3 kg – 1,3 tons. Dolphin species are usually identified and distinguished by the number and structure of their teeth on the upper and lower jaws.

They live in groups of five to several hundreds. Dolphins have a great sense of solidarity and come together to chase away enemies. Dolphins are also known for their high intelligence and are easily trained to perform acrobatic stunts.

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