Basket Ball

ITS–Prof. Dr. James A. Naismith created the Basketball in 1891. He was the sport instructor in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. The idea was to create an interesting, yet challenging sport which did not require kicking, too much practice, and could be played in the winters. Naismith concluded that the new game ought to use a ball […]

Hang Gliding

ITS–Hang Gliding is a flying sport that uses glider to fly in the air. The flying man must glide away from the top of a hill or a mountain. The stream of the wind on the mountain top makes the glider able to fly for a long period of time. The famous places to hold […]

Ocean Cross of 1955

ITS–The Ocean Cross of 1955 (ARSA’95) is a program for the golden Anniversary of Indonesia, aiming to promote maritime spirit among Indonesians. A total of 18 tall ships from ten countries and 112 yachts from 19 countries, including Australia, the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Thailand and England, took part in […]


ITS–Swimming is popular both for recreation and as a competitive sport. It is known to be one of man’s oldest physical activities. There are 5 strokes of swimming: The Crawl Stroke: It is also known as free style. It is the fastest of all strokes and is performed with body flat on the surface of […]


ITS–Gymnastics has a long history in Indonesia, dating back to the Japanese’s brief reign over the archipelago during World War II. Apart from recruiting and training youngsters to become back-up militia, the Japanese troops brought in a morning workout habit called taiso. All students were obliged to undergo some physical exercises before starting their study. […]

Field Hockey

ITS–Historians believe that field hockey has been played since 4,000 B.C in Persia. Archaeologistshave also found that the ancient Egyptians played the game. The sport was expanded to the west, with Greece, the birthplace of Olympic Games, adopting field hockey as a popular game around 500 B.C. England was the first country to develop modern […]


ITS–Indonesian children are quite familiar with volleyball, as it is one of the sports introduced during their schooling. Volleyball, as well as soccer, is widely played because of its convenience. The sport also serves a social function because it involves teamwork. Under the tutelage of the the Indonesian Volleyball Association (PBVSI), the country has maintained […]


ITS–The Indonesian ancestors were naturally born to rule the waves with their tremendous sailing mastery. Surrounded by millions of square miles of ocean, Indonesians are tough sailors by birth. Sailing boats were the only feasible transportation devices for traders. Fishermen have also been using boats to go miles away from the shores for hundreds of […]

Sports Championships for The Handicapped

ITS–Sport Championships for the Handicapped at the National Level (Porpenca) was designed for the handicapped athletes of Indonesia. The first Porpenca was held in Solo, Central Java in 1957. It was held seven times by 1980. There were also sport championships for handicapped children and youth, held for the first time in Solo. This specific […]


ITS–Given its large marine area, Indonesia has spacious venues that have resulted in the growth in popularity of windsurfing. The fact that water forms almost two thirds of the archipelago makes for a lot of chances for the new sport to compete with traditional sports as yachting and rowing. The archipelago offers a vast choice […]