Mount Merapi

ITS–Located on the border between Yogyakarta and Magelang, Central Java, Mount Merapi is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Today, it produces smoke and hot lava relatively regularly. The word “Merapi” comes from “meru” means mount, and “api” means fire. In its history, Mount Merapi, which is 2971 m height above sea […]

Mount Krakatau

ITS–Mount Krakatau, firmly and gently standing between Java and Sumatera Islands or in Sunda Strait, is one of the most famous volcanoes in Indonesia. It is believed that years ago Mount Krakatau usedto stand 2000 meters above sea level and occupied a radius of 9 kilometers squared. A tremendous eruption took place in 416 AD, […]

Mount Tangkuban Perahu

ITS–The mountain of Tangkuban Perahu in West Java is a volcano which, from distance, looks like a “perahu” (boat) turned upside down. It has three craters, Upas, Domas, and Ratu, which according to experts, took shape after the several past eruptions, in 1829, 1846, 1887, 1910, 1926, and 1929. The Upas and Ratu craters lie […]

Mount Bromo

ITS–Mount Bromo is the famous peak of the Tengger mountain chain in East Java. It was nicknamed by the Dutch “zandsee” or “sea of sands” because the black, silvery sands that cover itssurfaceand appear like a wavy sea. Mount Bromo (2,392 m) is encircled by Mount Batok (2,440 m), Mount Kursi (2,582 m), and Mount […]

Mount Agung

ITS–Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali with a height of 3,142 meters above sea level. It has a vast 500 meter wide and 200 meter deep crater, which sometimes emitssmoke and steam. Mount Agung plays a central role in the spiritual life of the Balinese. They believe that Mount Agung is the place […]