ITS–Amethyst is a quartz with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and a relative impermeability of 2.65 just like other kinds of quartz. Amethyst is also a precious metal that results from hexagonal minerals forming Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). Having a natural pigmentation, and an ore element, Amethyst has a light violet color.It can […]

Smoky Quartz

ITS–Smoky Quartz is a precious metal that results from hexagonal minerals forming silicondioxide (SiO2). Such a mineral is also called amorphous quartz or cryptocrystalline because it occurs either in transparent hexagonal crystals or in crystalline. Having a natural pigmentation, smoky quartz has a light brown color. Quartz is the commonest gangue mineral of ore deposits, […]


ITS–Chrysocolla is a green compounded crystal of a mineral, (Cu, A1) and H2SiO2 (OH4), and H2O. The crystal appears ingreen to blue-green coruscationsin the seams of the oxidized zone of copper sulfide deposits. It is believed by some people that Chrysocolla can help unite one’s mind and body, balance one’s physical and mental abilities, and […]


ITS–A geode is a hollow, more or less globular body, up to 30 cm or more in diameter, found in certain limestone and volcanic rocks, and very rarely in shale. Significantfeatures include athin outer layerof dense Chalcedony, partial filling by inward projecting crystals, generally quartz or calcite but sometimes barite or celestite, and shows of […]