Having a Look on 2017 Lake Toba Tourism Calendar

ITS–The North Sumatra administration has just released its 2017 Lake Toba Tourism Calendar, comprising a schedule of cultural events in the Lake Toba area. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said the calendar was important to attract travelers. “Schedule and location certainty is important [for travelers]. The days and months must not be altered because it is […]

Sigura-Gura Waterfall

ITS–The Sigura-gura waterfall is one of the biggest waterfalls in Indonesia with a height of 200 meters. It was created by the Asahanriver, which flows from Lake Toba in North Sumatera. The river also created another waterfall adjacent to the Sigura-Gura, called Tangga waterfall. The two waterfalls have been turned into two giant power plants, […]

Petruk Cave

ITS–The Petruk cave is one of 40 caves spread out in Kebumen, Central Java, and is very popular among tourists. The Petruk cave, the most beautiful of its kind in Indonesia, is hidden among the hills in Candirenggo Village. It receives the name, Petruk, because one of the many stones in the cave looks like […]

Sianok Canyon

ITS–The Sianok Canyon is a major tourist destination in West Sumatra. It is a green, lush, beautiful valley walled by 100 to 200 meter high cliffs. Because of its beauty, the valley is nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of Indonesia”.The canyon lies a short distance away from the town of Bukit Tinggi, also a tourist spot in […]

Mount Krakatau

ITS–Mount Krakatau, firmly and gently standing between Java and Sumatera Islands or in Sunda Strait, is one of the most famous volcanoes in Indonesia. It is believed that years ago Mount Krakatau usedto stand 2000 meters above sea level and occupied a radius of 9 kilometers squared. A tremendous eruption took place in 416 AD, […]

Mount Tangkuban Perahu

ITS–The mountain of Tangkuban Perahu in West Java is a volcano which, from distance, looks like a “perahu” (boat) turned upside down. It has three craters, Upas, Domas, and Ratu, which according to experts, took shape after the several past eruptions, in 1829, 1846, 1887, 1910, 1926, and 1929. The Upas and Ratu craters lie […]

Mount Bromo

ITS–Mount Bromo is the famous peak of the Tengger mountain chain in East Java. It was nicknamed by the Dutch “zandsee” or “sea of sands” because the black, silvery sands that cover itssurfaceand appear like a wavy sea. Mount Bromo (2,392 m) is encircled by Mount Batok (2,440 m), Mount Kursi (2,582 m), and Mount […]

Baliem Valley

ITS–The Baliem valley is situated in Papua’s Jaya Wijaya mountains, the only place in the tropical country of Indonesia that is covered with snow throughout the year. During the rainy season, the temperature may drop to three or four degrees Celcius. Baliem is located 1,500 meters above sea level. Some villages are even located higher. Aircraft are […]


ITS–Bedugul is a tourist resort in the northern part of Tabanan regency, of on the island Bali, situated around 1,240 meters abovesea level. The temperature ranges between 18 degrees Celsius at night and 24 degrees Celsius in the day. There are three lakes in this pristine area, of which Lake Beratan, surrounded by panoramic mountains, […]

Bunaken Sea Park

ITS–The Bunaken Sea Park, located in Manado Bay, North Sulawesi, and measuring 75,265 hectares is dubbed by divers as “the storehouse of rare marine biotas.” Aside from corals with sharp drop-offs up to 90 meters deep and underwater recesses, Bunaken teems with hundreds of colorful and predatory fish. It has 20 diving spots, and a […]