WR. Supratman

ITS–Born in Jakarta on 9 March 1903 W.R. Supratman (the son of M. Senen Sastrosuharjo, KNIL sergeant), is a National hero. He went to “Nederlandssche Avoncursus”, a night course run by the Dutch in Ujung Pandang. He then continued his studies in  Education before he worked in a Lawyer’s office. In 1952 he worked for […]

Bung Tomo

ITS–Sutomo (October 3, 1920 – October 7, 1981), also known as Bung Tomo, is best known for his role as an Indonesian military leader during the Indonesian National Revolution against the Netherlands. He played a central role in the Battle of Surabaya when the British attacked the city in October and November 1945. During the […]


ITS–Dr. Sutomo was the co-founder of Budi Utomo, the first modern organization ever established by Indonesians on May 20, 1908. He later proposed the organization to embark on politics and have open membership to all native Indonesians. Born on July 30, 1888 in Ngepeh village, East Java he graduated in 1911 from STOVIA, a school […]

Sutoyo Siswomiharjo

ITS–Lieutenant General (posthumous) Sutoyo Siswomiharjo was born on August 28, 1922, in Kebumen, Central Java. As Dutch high school graduate, he pursued his studies at the Senior Official Training School during the Japanese occupation. Then he worked as a civil servant in Purworejo, Central Java. After the independence proclamation, he joined the national guerrilla force […]

Sutan Sjahrir

ITS–Born on March 5, 1909, in Padang Panjang, West Sumatra Sutan Sjahrir held prominence during the revolutionary days especially for his great influence in educating native youngsters. He once studied in the Netherlands but stopped his studies and returned to the Dutch-Indies to pursue his political activity. At the age of 22, he was elected […]

Sultan Adji Mohamad Parikesit

ITS–He was born in the 5 Jumadil Akhir (6th month of the Arabic calendar) 1315 and raised as prince  with the title Pangeran Adi Pati Praboe Anoem Soerya Adi Ningrat. When he was a child, Sultan A.M. Alimudin died. So the government’s wheel of Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate hold by protectorate council which held by Adji […]

Sultan Hasanuddin

ITS–Sultan Hasanuddin, King of Gowa, Sulawesi was among the staunchest fighters against the Dutch and he was nicknamed the Rooster from the East. He was born in 1631 in Ujung Pandang and named I Mallombasi Muhammad Bakir Daeng Mattawang Karaeng Bonto Mangepe, as the second son of Sultan Malikussaid the15th King of Gowa which was […]


ITS– Soegiyono was born on August 12, 1926 in the village of Gedaran, Jogyakarta. During the Japanese occupation, he joined the Japanese-created PETA militia force and was appointed budancho (captain) after he graduated from the teacher training school in Wonosari, Yogyakarta. In the wake of the Independence Proclamation, he joined a guerrilla force in Jogyakarta to […]


ITS– Thomas Matulessy (better known as Kapitan Pattimura) was hanged by the Dutch-Indies government on December 16, 1817. Indonesian history now remembers him as an independence movement hero who was deceived by the Dutch and bravely fought against them. His greatest achievement occurred when he and his fellow countrymen successfully conquered the Wijk bij Duurstede fort […]