Spain to Invest in Indonesia Marine Tourism

ITS–Spain is planning to expand investment in Indonesia to explore marine tourism potential. It was conveyed by Spanish Minister of  Industry, Energy and Tourism, Isabel Maria Borrego Cortes,  in a meeting with Arief Yahya, Indonesia Tourism Minister. “Hopefully, we can sign a MOU soon. We are going to follow it up by making a call […]

Aircraft Industry

ITS–The Indonesian aircraft industry celebrated a milestone on August 10, 1995 when the Indonesian State Aircraft Industry (IPTN), chaired by B.J.Habibie, Indonesia’s State Minister of Research and Technology, successfully launched the first flight of the N-250 in Bandung, West Java. It was the first aircraft designed and built exclusively by Indonesian engineers, structural designers, and […]


ITS–The United Nations officially declared 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy on December 20th, 2007. Initiated by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and UNESCO, this resolution was aimed at commemorating the 400 years of telescope usage in the field of astronomy pioneered by Galileo Galilei. Around 137 countries celebrate this event with the theme […]

PT. Pos Indonesia

ITS–The history of post development in Indonesia is much connected with the history of colonialism, the struggle of freedom and the modernization during the liberation. There were some events that became the pillar of the Indonesian post development namely: the coming of Cornelius de Houtman to Indonesia as the bearer of the Dutch Government’s letters […]

Post, Telegraph and Telephone (PTT)

ITS–Post and telegraph affairs were initially handled in two different offices until the Dutch colonial rule united them in the Post, Telegraph, and Telephone office in 1875. Its first headquarters was located in Weltevreden (now Gambir in Central Jakarta) but then moved to the Burgerlijke Openbare Werken(BOW) in Bandung in 1923. Following the Japanese defeat […]

Cement Industry

ITS–Cement is pivotal for such countries as Indonesia to support its developmental efforts. The government of Indonesia started to prioritize the development of cement industry a long time ago. In a relatively short period, the Indonesian cement industry changed from the biggest cement importing country to the biggest cement producing country in South East Asia. […]