The National Youth March

ITS–The National Youth March, or Kirab Remaja Nasional (KRN) is a long procession of young people who march in relay moving one place to another as they carry flags, plaques, banners and logos as well as streamers with slogans proclaiming the achievements of the young generation. At certain designated places they spend the night with […]

Remote Sensing Of Fishery

ITS–The Indonesian coast is 81.000 km in length and 5.8 million  km2 in width. It consists of 0.3 million km2 of sea territory, 3.8 million km2 of archipelago waters and 2.7 million km2   of exclusive economy zones. The ocean of Indonesia potentially has a 6.7 million ton fishery resource per year. Until now, only about […]

Indonesian Journalists

ITS–Before the declaration of the independence proclamation, there were many journalist associations in Indonesia but none of them either accommodated all typical journalist aspirations or lasted long. In the beginning of 1946 a group of journalists looked ahead to the future and intended to arrange a congress in Solo, Central Java. They named the association […]

Reform Era

ITS–Traditional Indonesia with all its history is making way for the emerging of a new era: The Reform Era. Reform, a term that suddenly dominates almost every discourse in Indonesia, has opened the door to the improvement of many aspects of the nation. The Reform Era emerged due to the then actions of the fallen […]

Blue Eagle

ITS–Blue Eagle is a name for the Aerobatics Team of the “Indonesian Air Force” (TNI AURI) just like the Thunderbirds of the US Air Force, the Blue Angels of US Navy and the Red Arrows of UK Royal Air Force. The Blue Eagles have demonstrated their capabilities at various important events in Indonesia. Recruitment and […]

Gemarikan (Fish Consumption Promotion Movement)

ITS–With regard to the effort to increase fish consumption and family nutritional status, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries proposed an activity called GEMARIKAN (Gerakan Memasyarakatkan Makan Ikan) or Fish Consumption Promotion Movement at national level. Gemarikan is implemented through various activities to promote fish consumption such as the continuous fish consumption campaign, talk shows, […]

Quick Reaction Unit

ITS–The Quick Reaction Unit or Unit Reaksi Cepat (URC) is a small police unit which contains qualified professional personnel. Besides that, URC is also supplied with sophisticated armaments, modern communication tools and also representative motorcycles. Therefore, URC can operate within minutes of receiving a call. It is supposed to reach targets quickly and then complete […]

Orari (Indonesia’s Union of Amateur Radio)

ITS–The hobby of amateur radio operation in Indonesia dates back to Dutch colonial rule. During the revolutionary war, they established a union called Persatuan Amatir Radio Indonesia or Indonesia’s Union of Amateur Radio (PARI). By means of their equipment, the members of this organization helped freedom fighters during the revolutionary war against the Dutch. However, […]

Musabakaq Tilawatil Qur’an

ITS–A forum to assess the ability of understanding the Moslem Holy Book (Al Qur’an) is held at regional and national levels by the government.  The forum, Musabakaq Tilawatil Qur’an (MTQ, Koran reading contest) was organized within the categories based on age,  gender and special events for the blind. MTQ is held once every three years […]