ITS–Mushrooms are the fleshy fruit body of certain fungi, but some restrict the term mushroom to the common field mushroom. All mushroom are fungi. Not all fungi, however, are mushrooms in the popular meaning of the term since the fungi with their estimated one hundred species include all the mildews and molds. The higher fungi which […]

Matoa (Pometia Pinnata)

ITS–The Matoa is a large deciduous tree native to continental Asia, but today this plant has spread to other tropical countries. This plant’s scientific name is Pometiapinnata, and it belongs to the Sapindaceae family. The plant can reach a height of 15 to 46 meters. It has a single type of leaf with oblong blades. […]

Andalas Tree (Morus Macruora)

ITS–Morus macruora, or the Andalas Tree, is known as pohonandalasin the Indonesian language.  It is found only in the West Java province and the southern part of the province of West Sumatra. The Minang ethnic group in West Sumatra use the tree for the pillars, floors, and walls of their traditional houses. Sometimes they also […]

Timor White Gum (Eucalyptus Urophylla)

ITS–This species’ botanical name is Eucalyptus urophylla (S.T. Blake: and it belongs to the Myrtaceae family. Some taxonomists make no distinction between this species and the two others of the same family: Eucalyptus alba or Eucalyptus decaisneana. The Indonesian (Timorese) name for the Timor White Gum Tree  is “ampup”.  This commercial tree  can reach a […]

Ebony Tree (Diospyros Celebica)

ITS–The Ebony Tree (Diospyros celebica),called in the Indonesian language ebenor eboni, is one of the most popular trees because of its hardness and durability. The tree’s trunk is black, thus it is also takes the name kayu hitam (black tree). The tree can reach a height of 40 meters and diameter of 100 centimetres. The […]

Sandalwood (Santalum Album)

ITS–Sandalwood (Santalum album), is called cendana in the Indonesian language, originated in South East Asia and has spread as far as Australia, the Pacific Islands, and Hawaii. In Indonesia, the species grows from East Java to East Nusa Tenggara. The island of Timor had long exported them before the locals started to cultivate them in […]

Gading Bamboo (Schizotachyum Brachyladum)

ITS–The Gading Bamboo (Schizotachyum brachyladum) is called Bambu Gading in the Indonesian language. Colored yellowish-green, green with yellow stripes, or yellow with chocolate points, it grows to 15-20 meters in height. The length between the joints reaches 20 to 45 centimetres, and it attains a diameter of from eight to ten centimetres. It grows fast […]

Black Betung Bamboo (Dencrocalamus Asper)

ITS–Bambu Betung Hitam (Dencrocalamus asper), is also called Awi Betung, Pring Petung, or Preng Petong in the Indonesian language. Black in color, it can reach a length of 20 meters and attain a diameter of 20 centimetres. The length between its joints segment is between 40 and 60 centimetres, the stem is from 1 to […]

Red Palm Tree (Crytostchis Renda)

ITS–Red Palm Trees (Crytostchis renda), called Pinang Merah or Palem Merah in Indonesian, abound in the province of Jambi. They also grow else where on Sumatra’s East Coast, the Riau islands, and West Kalimantan in smaller numbers. In Malaysia, it is called pinang raja, the king palm tree. Among the Jambi people, it has mystical […]