ITS–Keris is the traditional Javanese knife. Some of the people of Bali and Betawi also use it, which displays the influence of the past Javanese kingdoms in these areas. The knife, made of iron, steel and nickel, has either a straight or winding-snakelike blade. The artisan who makes it is called mpu. In the old […]


ITS–The Kalewang, also known as obi or surik to the East Timorese, is typically a weapon of war, a status symbol, and a symbol of the worship of nature. The main material of this weapon is determined by the status of the owner. Its length is about 80 centimeters. Its case and handle are made […]


ITS–The Rencong is Aceh’s traditional weapon. It is one of the traditional weapons of the cultural heritage and creation of the Aceh people. The rencong helps give identity to the people of Aceh. For the king or district chief, this weapon is called siwah. Its handle looks like that of a Javanese Kris, ornamented with […]


ITS–The Mandau is the traditional weapon of the Dayak people who live in Borneo. Formerly, it was made of selected rock taken from mountain which contains iron. Today, the weapon has gradually lost its sacred quality and people make them of metal. The sword’s blade is beautifully adorned with carvings while its handle, made of […]


ITS–For a long time, many tribes in Indonesia have used various kinds of artwork not only to fulfill their basic needs but also to help them survive. The types and characteristics of their artwork, especially handycrafts, differ from one tribe to another, depending on each culture, art, and level of society development. The work of […]

Asmat Woodcarvings

ITS–The Asmat people are world-acclaimed as the best craftsmen among the ethnic groups living in Papua.  They live in a region of brackish swamps along the south coast of Papua. This region is about 200 kilometers long and stretches about 100 kilometers inland. It is intersected by many rivers. The population, about 50.000 people, is […]

Traditional Communication Instruments

ITS–Communicating is one of the behaviors conducted by creatures in order to make contact with or to influence other creatures. With humans, such behavior is conducted through a process of conveying messages, ideas, intentions and feelings to other people. The message is delivered through symbols or instruments, which are understandable by the receiver. In this […]

Indonesia Traditional Kid Games

ITS–Indonesia has many kinds of kid games which are amusing, healthy, cheap and educative for kids to learn how to be skillful and creative. Many kinds of games with different names and attributes are played in almost all of the country. Some simple and commonly known games are Kaki Siapa (Whose leg), Engrang Bambu (Walking […]

The Hudog Mask

ITS–This mask comes from a dance of the Dayak Kenyah tribe of East Kalimantan. In the dance the actors use animal masks and costumes made of coarse grass. The dance is usually accompanied by singing poetry and percussion. The Hudog is offered to ask Apo Kayan, the owner of the Universe, the protection of their […]

The Dalem Arsawijaya Mask

ITS–This mask functions to symbolize ancestors and divinities. It is used as a supplement to a ceremony, a reflection of mythology, a misfortune repellent, and as a medium of education. It is usually used in dances. The theme of the story is the history of the region, the chronicle of a clan, or a theme […]