1000 Kebaya-Weared Women Called on Loving Indonesia More

ITS–There are many ways of practicing and expressing our sense of nationalism. One of them is by consitently wearing Kebaya that has served as national women costume and  identity of Indonesia. Kebaya is traditional cloth of a noble heritage. It has been weared by Indonesia women since long time ago in various regions of Sumatera, […]

Traditional Textiles of Indonesia

ITS–Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world with more than 17,500 islands scattered along the 4800 kilometers between Asia and Australia. Therefore, Indonesia is one of the most artistically and culturally diverse places in the world. Every ethnic group in Indonesia has its own characteristics in their traditional clothing which, of course, are […]

Woman Traditional Costume of Maluku Province

ITS–Maluku is home to the Ambon, Tanimbar, Kei, Ternate, Rana, Alifuru, Togitil, and Furu-Furu ethnic groups. This stamp depicts the costume of the women of Tanimabar. The Tanimbar women wear a short-sleeved cotton blouse, called a sankir, and anikat skirt and waistbelt. The blouse, embellished with fringes at the collar and armholes, is colored in […]

Woman Traditional Costume of East Nusatenggara Province

ITS–East Nusatenggara is the home of the Timor, Rote, Sabu, Flores, Sumba, Dawan,Belu, and Helong ethnic groups. The stamp depicts the costume of the women of Sumba. The women of Sumba wear an extra-long sarong of ikat weaving, which also functions to cover the bosom. The sarong is secured with a sash wound at the […]

Woman Traditional Costume of Papua

ITS–Papua is home to more than one hundred Melanesia subethnic groups. All generally have the same type of traditional costumes. Their blouse is made of bark; their skirt is of plaited pandanus fiber, leaves and roots, all painted in green, yellow, brown, and violet. Their waistbelt is made of shells. On their head they wear […]

Woman Traditional Costume of West Nusatenggara Province

ITS–West Nusatenggara is home the Sasak, Bali, Sumbawa, and Bima ethnic groups. This stamp features the costume of the women of Sumbawa. The women of Sumbawa wear a short-sleeved blouse trimmed with bits of gold metal, a sarong of plaid silk embroi­ered with silver or gold flowers, a metal waistbelt with a large buckle, and […]

Woman Traditional Costume of Bali Province

ITS–The women of Bali wear no blouse, only a large stagen to cover the upper part of the body. As an under-garment, they wear a double sarong. A stole placed on the left shoulder also functions to cover the bosom. On their head, they place a large gold crown of ornamental flowers. While clad in […]

Woman Traditional Costume of South Sulawesi Province

ITS–South Sulawesi is home to the Makasar or Ujung Pandang, Bugis, Toraja, and Mandar ethnic groups. The woman’s costume on this stamp belongs to the Bugis. The Bugis women wear the so-called baju bodo (literally “short-sleeved garment”) blouse, a sarong, and a gold belt. The blouse is wide with tightly sewn armholes pushed up slightly […]

Woman Traditional Costume of South East Sulawesi Province

ITS–In the province of South East Sulawesi live the Laki, Wolia, Muna, Buton, Moro Nene, Wowanii, Kalisusu, and Kendari ethnic groups. This stamp shows the traditional costume of the Buton women. She wears a short-sleeved blouse, called kombo, decorated with cloth flowers colored in contrast to the blouse. The skirt is called punto-punto. A stole […]

Woman Traditional Costume of Central Sulawesi Province

ITS–Central Sulawesi is home to several ethnic groups, including the Toraja, Kaili, Pamona, and Banggai. The woman’s costume depicted on the stamp belongs to the Toraja ethnic group. Most of the parts of costumes worn by women from Toraja, including the blouse and sarong, are made of bark. The short-sleeved blouse is brightly painted with […]