Serimpi Dance

ITS–The Serimpi dance is the traditional Javanese court dance is usuallyly performed by the Royal Family (daughters &princesses). It portrays a dwelling pair, (sometimes) two pairs of Amazons who gracefully and deliberately moved in unison, and fighting with dainty daggers and tiny bows and arrows. Various stories are associated with the dance, and it may […]

Mandau Talawang Nyai Balau Dance

ITS–Originally, this dance comes from Kapuas, South Borneo. The dance tells about the heroism of Dayak women, represented by Nyai Balau, who fought against Dutch colonialism in 17th century. It is usually performed using “Mandau”, a special sword of the Dayak people in Central Borneo. The number of dancers is always odd, consisting of five […]

Wayang Orang

ITS–The Wayang Orangdance is the most important Javanese dance drama. It is danced by a least 200 dancers, and describes the story of Ramayana. This story tells about the quarrel between a good character, Sri Rama, the refined male prototype from Ayodyapala, and the bad character who comes from the Alengko Kingdom. The Ramayana story […]

Toraja Dance

ITS–Toraja or Tanah Toraja is located in mountainous north Celebes. Compared to other areas of Indonesia, the traditions and cultures of the local community are entirely unique. Part of this uniqueness is shown in the funeral ceremony. People of Toraja have several different dances, such as a dance for funerals, and a dance to welcome […]

The Tempayan Dance

ITS–The Tari Tempayan or Tempayan Dance (tempayan means jar) is a traditional dance of Singkawang in the Sambas District of West Kalimantan. Chinese culture greatly influences both the dance and the jar’s motif. Singkawang is well-known as the most productive area of high quality ceramics in Indonesia. This dance is performed to welcome high ranking […]

Legong Keraton Dance

ITS–The LegongKeraton dance is closely related to Javanese Hinduism not only because of its history but also of its performance.In the past, this kind of dance was performed as a ceremony devoted to Sanghyang Dedari and held only in the palace. It was attended only by the Kings and their family members. At that time […]

Gambyong Dance

ITS–Gambyong dance is well known in Surakarta, Central Java. It is performed either by a single girl or more (massal). In addition to dancing, the dancer sings certain songs (sinden). Therefore, the dancers of theGambyong dance have to be able to sing certain songs as well. The movements of the dance show how a young […]

Ngarojeng Dance

ITS–It is a new creative dance developed by Mrs. Wiwi Widiastuti in 1993. The dance is a combination of Betawian Ajeng dance and Betawi Mask dance (from Jakarta) and is usually performed either by five, seven, or nine young women (always odd numbers). The dance is usually staged at a wedding party to welcome the […]