Indonesia Traditional Dance as Cultural Diplomacy

ITS–Indonesia  has a rich history of using art as a form of cultural diplomacy, and dance is no exception. Cultural diplomacy is a form of soft power that aims to share ideas, art, and values with other nations. It  offers an alternative solution to address the complexity of international relations by employing culture as the […]

Arief Yahya in Ngaben Ceremony

ITS–Despite the growth in modern living,  Balineses are well-known in preserving  cultures and traditions. Ngaben, for example, is still performed up today and has been  one of the most famous Hindu-Bali’s ceremonies, not only in Indonesia, but worldwide. Indonesia Tourism Minister, Arif Yahya, attended ngaben ceremonies at December 18 th, 2017. Along with several Tourism […]

1000 Kebaya-Weared Women Called on Loving Indonesia More

ITS–There are many ways of practicing and expressing our sense of nationalism. One of them is by consitently wearing Kebaya that has served as national women costume and  identity of Indonesia. Kebaya is traditional cloth of a noble heritage. It has been weared by Indonesia women since long time ago in various regions of Sumatera, […]

The Palace of Kartasura, a Fading Origin of Solo

ITS—The four meters high and two meters thick wall looks dull and neglected. Most parts of the wall are covered with moss and weeds. At the gate of the wall, the information board shows that the building is the heritage of the Kartasura Palace. Referring to its history, the Kartasura Palace was the origin of […]

In Memoriam Arie Smit

Arie Smit loves Bali. His aesthetic traces and history on Balinese art play an important role. Artists and art patrons went into mourning when he passed away on 23rd of March 2016. ITS–Arie Smit, an artist from Netherland, passed away on 23rd of March 2016, 08.30 p.m, when he was 99 years old.  Artists and […]

12 SOEs in Cooperation to Develop Joglosemar Tourism

ITS–Joglosemar (standing for Jogyakarta, Solo, and Semarang) is now associated as tourism golden triangle due to the huge potential of  those cities to attract tourist. The Joglosemar  covers abundant tourist sites, range from cultural and historic sites (Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Ratu Boko Temple,  Yogyakarta and Solo Palaces, ancient city and railway, etc.), natural fascination […]

Rendang Leaves Spanish with Curiousity

ITS–Madrid Fusion, arranged to introduce cultures and culinaries form both Indonesia and Spain, has been the vehicle to present unique traditional culinaries. This time, rendang from Padang, West Sumatera, has made many positive response from the visitors due to its taste the spicy  food that cooked  tradionally using firewood.  Even, they are curiosity of what […]

Indonesian’s Traces in New Caledonia

ITS–Elders Gala Dinner, held 21st Feb. at the Centre Cultural Kowe Karo, Noumea, has brought back  Indonesia citizens, which were together aboard Biance in May 1949 to venture as contracted labors in New Caledonia. Compassionately, yet with happiness,  Ridwan Zainin, Walad and Soeha  catched up missed time together, accompanied by their families. Ridwan Zainin recalled […]