Gadang House

ITS–The Gadang House is the traditional house of the Minangkabau ethnic tribe in West Sumatra Province. The house is built on stilts and looks like a sailboat from a distance, with its roof made of corrugated iron or black sugar-palm fiber. Inside the house, it is divided into several large rooms, and each large room […]

Papua House

ITS–The tribes in Papua live in traditional houses which are architecturally different from each other. The Asmattribe, who lives near the seashore, resides in four-angled houses, while the Dani tribe, who lives in mountainous areas, resides in round-shaped houses. The Dani people dwell in a place like a stronghold, called a sili. Inside the sili, […]

Limas House

ITS–The limas house, also called a bari house, is one of the traditional houses of the Palembang people in South Sumatra. Limas is the combination of the words lima (five) and emas (gold). Formerly, only aristocrats had the right to possess a house of this style. Typical of the house is the pyramid-like shape of […]

Toraja House

ITS–The traditional house of the Toraja tribe, who live on the island of Sulawesi, is called Tongkonan. It is the local word for “sit” or “gather together to hear ancient tradition and to dis­cuss matters relating to the family”. Looking like a boat from the distance, the house is decorat­ed with carvings which have symbolic […]

Karo House

ITS–The Karonese people live in the Karo Highland inthe province of North Sumatra. This house is a place to live for multiple families, either 12, 8, or 4 families. There is no wall to separate the families. Each family has one kitchen area and a smallwindow on the wall. In the center of the house, […]

Aceh House

ITS–The traditional House of Aceh, like most of original buildings in Sumatra, is a stage house made of wooden poles or bamboo. The pole height from the ground into the floor is about three feet, which help to protect the homeowner from wild animal attacks because Sumatra is well known for wild animals. Commonly,Acehnese are […]

Tampak Siring Presidential Palace

ITS–Unlike the other five presidential palaces, Tampak SiringPalace is located far from the center of governmental activities. It is the only one which was built after Indonesia gained independence. It is situated at Tampak Siring Village in Bali. Its compounds occupy a piece of land with an elevation of about 700 meters above sea level. […]

Cipanas Presidential Palace

ITS–Located at the foot of Mount Gede, Cipanas Palace was originally designed as a rest or transit house. Situated on the side of the mountain at an attitude of 1100 meters, the weather is cool and breezy. The palace’s premises cover an area of approximately 26 hectares, of which 7760 square meters are used for […]

Yogyakarta Presidential Palace

ITS–Yogyakarta Palace is situated at the center of the city’s busiest part, right at the southern end of JalanAkhmadYani, formerly JalanMalioboro, in the heart of the provincial capital of the Special Territory of Yogyakarta. The palace’s premises are 120 meters above the sea level and cover an area of 43,585 square meters. The construction of […]

Jogyakarta Sultanate Palace

ITS–The centuries-old Jogyakarta Palace is not only the residence of the Jogyakarta Sultan, but is also deemed the center of Javanese culture. Built in 1755, by Prince Mangukubumi, later named Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I, the palace was inhabited on October 7th, 1756. It covers 1.5 square kilometers of land, and is surrounded by rectangular walls […]