In Memoriam Made Wijaya

ITS–Made Wijaya, whose name is synonymous with Balinese and tropical garden design, died suddenly on 29 August 2016 during a visit to Sydney. Wijaya started life as an architecture student and teenage tennis champion from Sydney named Michael White, who by his own account arrived in Bali in 1973 “having jumped ship and swum ashore in a […]

NI KETUT ARINI, Balinese Dance for Everybody

She started to dance when she was seven years old. And she keeps on dancing. She shares her great skills by teaching dance to many students. ITS–There are thousands of senior dancers in Bali. One of them is Ni Ketut Arini. She is one of the senior Balinese dancers who have many experiences. Arini understands that […]

In Memoriam Arie Smit

Arie Smit loves Bali. His aesthetic traces and history on Balinese art play an important role. Artists and art patrons went into mourning when he passed away on 23rd of March 2016. ITS–Arie Smit, an artist from Netherland, passed away on 23rd of March 2016, 08.30 p.m, when he was 99 years old.  Artists and […]

Balinese Painting

ITS–Balinese paintings have been popular for hundreds of years. To mention some: the classical painting of Pangreh (400 years old), Barong Kuno (300 years ago), Perebutan Cupu Manik (300 years old), Satya (300 years old), andPanbrayut (200 years old) Many master artists were born in Bali. The inspiration for these artists was most likely mythical; […]

Raden Saleh Painting

ITS–Most Indonesian painters are inspired by mythology and spiritualism. But some are also influenced by social reality, as well as an emphaty for the “have not” societies of the world. The pioneer of modern Indonesian art was Raden Saleh (1807-1880). The paintings of this modern artist were bought at a high price at an auction […]


ITS–For a long time, many tribes in Indonesia have used various kinds of artwork not only to fulfill their basic needs but also to help them survive. The types and characteristics of their artwork, especially handycrafts, differ from one tribe to another, depending on each culture, art, and level of society development. The work of […]

Asmat Woodcarvings

ITS–The Asmat people are world-acclaimed as the best craftsmen among the ethnic groups living in Papua.  They live in a region of brackish swamps along the south coast of Papua. This region is about 200 kilometers long and stretches about 100 kilometers inland. It is intersected by many rivers. The population, about 50.000 people, is […]

The Hudog Mask

ITS–This mask comes from a dance of the Dayak Kenyah tribe of East Kalimantan. In the dance the actors use animal masks and costumes made of coarse grass. The dance is usually accompanied by singing poetry and percussion. The Hudog is offered to ask Apo Kayan, the owner of the Universe, the protection of their […]