Besakih Temple

E-3-2-BEASKIHITS–Located on the foot of Mount Agung, the tallest and holiest mount in Bali, Besakih Temple is a holy place and center of all temples throughout Bali.

It was built in 1007 AD and in 15th century it was established as a holy temple of the ancestor of King Gelgel.

This magnificent temple consists of 60 small temples which have made the complex a throne for gods and goddesses. All gods and goddesses to whom Balinese worship exist in this temple.

All Balinese people who have caste, and even those who do not belong to Hindu Bali, Aga Tribe have their own worship place (pedarmaan). Each worship place is influenced by Odalan (yearly ritual ceremony) and every body joins the Kabeh (a ritual ceremony where all Balinese come down to Besakih temple to purify it). This takes place during the fullmoon time. Once in a century (100 years) Balinese celebrate EkaDasaRudra at Besakih(a ritual ceremony meant to purify and holify the temple).

In 1963 the ceremony was canceled because Mount Agung erupted after hundreds of year being silent. In the eruption, 2000 people were killed, thousands lost their houses, and Besakih Temple was covered with black dust for a couple months.

Finally, the ceremony was held in 1979 and lasted for six months without any incidents.

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