Basket Ball

I-32ITS–Prof. Dr. James A. Naismith created the Basketball in 1891. He was the sport instructor in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. The idea was to create an interesting, yet challenging sport which did not require kicking, too much practice, and could be played in the winters.

Naismith concluded that the new game ought to use a ball and a basket as the target, which would be placed high above the player’s heads so one must throw, not kick the ball.

It uses a 26 x 14 meter court, two hard wood boards 180×120 centimetres, where the basket is placed.

Basketball is played by 2 groups; each group consists of 5 players and conducted by 2 referees. The game lasts for two 30-minute halves.

The development of basketball in Indonesia began with the National Sports Week in Solo, September 1948. On October 23rd, 1951, an organization to organize the members of basketball clubs in Indonesia was founded, PERBASI.

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