Bali Starling (Leucopsar Rothschildi)

G-29-2-LEUCOPSAR-ROCHSCILDIITS–The Bali Starling or Rothschild’s Mynah (Leucopsar rothschildi), called  in Bahasa Indonesia Jalak Bali or Jalak Putih Bali, is only found in Bali.

Measuring 25 centimetres long, this bird is considered the most beautiful of mynah. Its plumage is snow white except on its wing tips and the tip of its tail which are black. It has a long, wonderful crest which with the males is composed of supple white feathers. Its bright blue eyes are circled with bare skin, so that it looks as if it is wearing a mask. Its iris is gray, the bill gray and yellow and its feet blue and gray. Its voice sounds like a loud harsh whistle.

These birds are spotted in pairs in Western Bali’s lowland forests. Fruits and insects make up their diet. They especially love melon trees and eat them so carelessly that they dirty their snow white feathers. While the majority of birds eat in a group, one bird keeps lookout for predators and utters shrill cries in the event of danger. The nesting season is from January to March. It nests in tree holes from where two to three eggs are laid.


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