Bali Sarcophagus

E-95-Sarcopagus-baliITS–This iron sarchopagus and crypt for the dead is located in Bali. Many researchers have studied the sarcophagus, among them are: Van Stein, Callenfels, Van Heekeren, and Soejono. Soejono managed to make a classification and topology of this sarcophagus. Through his year long research in 1960, he succeeded in classifying the sarcophagi found throughout Bali into three categories,

Type A, also called the Bali type, consists of a small-sized sarcophagus, that measuresfrom 80 to 148 centimeters long. It is adorned with stone projections on the front, back, with a dead body container and cover. Type B, called the Cacang type, is a middle-sized sarcophagus, measuring from 150 to 170 centimeters long, without any projections. Type C, called the Manuaba type, is a large-sized sarcophagus, measuring from 200 to 268 centimeters long, adorned with stone projections on the body container and cover.

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